Askiy Herbal Lifestyles

In following with protocols of North American tribes Elders have provided their permission to share these traditional treatments with our brothers and sisters of the world. They have given consent on the approach we are taking and they have informed us it is important to help many people as those are our ways.

Who We Are

Traditional approaches to health provided by Native Americans in North America. Through reconciliation efforts we are providing these traditional herbal treatments for people suffering from disease. In pre-colonial contact Native Americans treated disease through the use of traditional approaches therefore all people were healthy and disease free. These traditional approaches are not cures but act in different ways to treat the blood.

The Askiy Herbal Lifestyles are traditional herbal remedies and teachings that have been passed down through the generations of Native Americans. The knowledge of many may have been lost through colonization but there are individuals that have kept this knowledge alive. It is this traditional knowledge we are willing to share with others.


“I was introduced to traditional approaches to treating specific disease when my wife contracted cancer. This was very devastating to my wife when she learned she had stage 3 cancer. We did do the chemotherapy and radiation. When we were finished with the modern medicine we consulted other Native Americans. We were directed to an individual who provided us with traditional approaches to treating cancer. It has now been five years and my wife is cancer free.”

– Brian L.

Thank you Askiy. I had lung cancer and it was taking a toll on me. I could barely walk and I couldn’t eat as I had no energy at all. My health is great now and I am enjoying life.

– Lorin W.

Thank you Askiy. The first day I took the traditional treatment I was so surprised. That was the first time in years my blood sugar dropped to 6.5. It was always very high like 28 and I was always tired. I am now enjoying my life. I wish I knew about this before and I am very thankful with a new outlook in life.

– Ivan L.

Traditional Treatments

Askiy Herbal Treatment of Cancer

The root provided for this traditional treatment has been utilized for centuries in the treatment of cancer with amazing results. When taken properly it cleanses the blood of impurities. It may be used for i) Prevention of Cancer ii) Stage I Cancer iii) Stage II Cancer iv) Stage III Cancer

It is not recommended for Stage IV Cancer although an individual may attempt to try.

Askiy Herbal Treatment of Diabetes

A special plant is harvested for traditional treatment of diabetes. After one cup of the special tea an individual’s blood sugar will return to normal. No matter how many years you have suffered with this disease you will notice the difference immediately. The treatment runs for several weeks and all your diabetes will be no more. No more worries or fears of amputations or skin infections. This will also lessen the possibility of heart attacks, strokes and kidney problems associated with diabetes.

Traditional Remedies Passed Down Through Generations For Your Benefit Today

Supplies of all products are limited. All products are handpicked by Native Americans specially trained in the art of choosing quality plants, herbs and roots. All products are Chemical Free as they are picked in the wild.

Herbal Remedies Passed Down Through Generations for Your Benefit Today

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